Het Nationaal Warmte Congres, Open District Heating are there.

Per Gullbrand represents Open District Heating at the Dutch exhibition Het Nationaal Warmte Congress in Utrecht, November 26. As one of the main speaker at the event Per will talk about the market and the unique opportunities created in Stockholm since Fortum Värme’s district heating system opened up for trade.

Het Nationaal Warmte Congress (National Heat Conference) in Holland is a national trade fair, mainly aimed for stakeholders in the heat sector, a sector in Holland that is currently changing and developing. Among other things they are now looking for opportunities to open up for new sustainable energy solutions and promotes greater collaboration between government and industry for successful projects and sustainable solutions.

As one of the event’s six main speakers, Per Gullbrand will talk about the existing, unique district heating system in Stockholm, the benefits of district heating as a sustainable energy source, and how, by opening up the district heating network in Stockholm, a new market has opened up for recycling of surplus energy.

In conjunction with the fair the exhibition organizer Euroforum published an article With Per Gullbrand where he talks about the possibilities of Open District Heating. In the article he also answers a series of questions. Read the entire article here.