Open District Heating and Stratego presented to Austrians

Fortum Värme participate, November 19 to 20 in a meeting at Gävle Energi together with Swedish District Heating and Profu, among others. The purpose is to meeting participants from Austria present Open District Heating in connection with the presentation of the European project Stratego.

Swedish District Heating, together with Profu (Projektinriktad forskning och Utveckling i Göteborg AB) are working together in the European project Stratego, which aims to develop heating and cooling systems in Europe.

Stratego, a quite extensive project, has in several occasions, in the EU, received considerable attention. The purpose of the project is to coach and assist Ostrava- (Czech Republic) and Vienna area to further develop its local heating and cooling systems. The meeting in Gävle aims to give the participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in the heat collaborations in everything from technology to business models.

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