Open District Heating® now a registered Trademark in the European Union

Fortum Värme, the inventor and founder of Open District Heating®, has now obtained legal protection for its trade mark “Open District Heating” and the associated symbol (the wheel of recycled energy) in the European Union.

The registration of the trade mark is part of a strategy to offer data centers, food processing companies, ice rinks, pharmaceutical and biomed companies and similar industries with excess heat an efficient, sustainable and profitable solution for cooling and heat recovery to Fortum Värme’s district heating system in Stockholm. The offering is presented to an international market that can choose to locate their business in Stockholm and trade cooling for heating with Fortum Värme. Particularly, Open District Heating® for data centers allow one of the key businesses of the knowledge-economy to turn their waste heat into revenue. The registration of Open District Heating in the European Union is a recognition that Fortum Värme´s offering is competing in a global market for data center locations.

About Open District Heating®
Open District Heating® is a new market for recovered energy in Stockholm. It offers an opportunity to get reliable and sustainable cooling for a city-located data center while generating revenues from heat recovery. With Open District Heating® the excess heat from a data center can be recovered using a heat pump that cools the data center and simultaneously supplies heat to Fortum Värme’s district heating network. After a successful two years pilot phase, Open District Heating® was launched as a general offering at the end of 2014.